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Customer Feedback

Dr. Mac Abad (Philippines)
If I were a younger man and would like to start breeding gamefowls, I would go to only one place, to Pleasanton, Texas and look for Mr. Jerry Lawrence. There is NO NEED to acquire any bloodline from any other man anywhere in the United States. JERRY has the BEST and he is very Honest . His price is very reasonable, it could have been more compared to the quality of his fowls. You will be impressed on the broodfowl you will receive but above all, wait till you test their offspring, you will thank God for having not wasted your time and effort in dealing with Mr. JERRY LAWRENCE.

Joe A. Bolin
Thanks for the pair of Lacy Roundheads they are a perfect set of birds. I look forward to doing all my business with you. When you can wire someone money and say I didn't know him but just talked to him on a phone hundreds of miles away and then you can say I got what I ordered and the best birds I've seen that's a good man in my book thank you for the birds and making it easy for me to order them. Jerry is a man you can trust and honest as they get with great prices you can't beat.

Jacob Sanchez (Chihuahua, Mexico)
I bought a young sweater trio from Jerry today after visiting him for a couple of hours. I found Jerry to be one of the nicest gentlemen I have ever met and was very helpful in anything I had to ask. I highly recommend Jerry to anyone interested in fowl. Thanks Jerry for being a nice guy.

George Tamez (Alice, TX)
Jerry, thank you for your patience and for the excellent Sweater brood fowl I got from you. Very good quality and beautiful! I look forward to visiting you again to try to get the Sid Taylor cock that I saw. A thousand thanks. You are one of few that have my respect.

We received the Sweater stag you sent us. Like the two trios that we received from you last December (2009), this one is also very nice and healthy. Thanks again for the great selection you made and I'm looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future.

Julio Ramirez
Gracias por los excelentes Asils que nos proporciono, son aves de mucha capacidad y pronto estaremos agradeciendole nuevamente nuestras proximas adquisiciones de su granja. si a alguien recomendamos es al Sr. Lawrence persona honesta y de gran trayectoria en la cria de aves gracias, les mandamos un saludo de parte de los Hermanos Ramirez De Coahuila Mex.
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Rodney Mann
Jerry, I will admit, I was very impressed when I opened that box up and seen that beautiful bird (Dom). I was also impressed with your selection. He is a very nice, healthy, and tame bird. I am looking forward to doing business with you again very soon. Thank You Jerry!

I'd like to take this time to thank you for the beautiful Dom stag and a Roundhead pullet that you sent me last couple of weeks. Ordering gamefowls over the phone is like a gamble, but you truly proven me and everybody else who had or have order birds from you that you are a winner and we thank you for your truthfulness and honesty. Keep up the good work God Bless and looking forward to acquire another line from you soon.

Mr. Jerry thanks for the brood stag that I just received. He is everything that I wanted and was in perfect health. I am very satisfied with your fowl and would suggest you to anyone (that don't live by me lol). I am going to put in another order for some brood hens next week. Thank you again for the brood stag.

I bought some JBL stock via John Morse. Hatched two excellent Dom stags. Very game and healthy birds.

Acosta Juan
Just want to say thank you for the Hennie broodcock you sold me and the Wardell hatch hen I got some stags from them and I'm happy with the results I'm getting. They are fast and have lots of desirable qualities to them. Thanks again Mr. Jerry

Jay Gonzales
I've always wanted to have quality bloodlines from reputable breeders here in the States, but I was hesitant on how would they treat you. But Jerry made everything easy and made it an enjoyable experience for me. He sent me four pairs of the nicest roosters I've seen and I know that I got more than what I wanted. Jerry makes sure you got your roosters in good condition as he had shipped them to you and made sure that he treated each orders to the best he can. I would definitely acquire more chickens from him, If he'll let me. I would like to thank Jerry for helping me improve my bloodlines and I know that they would nick well with his own. More power to you and God Bless!

Chris and Gennie
On 23rd of December (2009), we drove hundreds of miles to go to JBL Farm. Thru the darkness and coldness of the night, with the aid of flashlights, we seek the precious birds. Jerry has a very deep understanding about gamefowl. He has taught us new and interesting things about the breeds and how to properly care for them. After a few hours of picking and decision-making, we finally decided on getting a Kelso broodstag, a Kelso hen, and a sweater broodstag. They are wonderful. Jerry is also an honest seller. All minute details of the birds he shared to us. He also cared so much about his birds. He made sure that they were properly placed in the boxes, and inside the packed mini car. He personally placed the boxes inside the car ensuring the safety of the birds. He is more concerned on their safety rather than just the sale. That attitude of a breeder touches our hearts. Thank you Jerry and Barbara for allowing us to visit your huge awesome farm at that time of the night. We will see you again soon.

Jim (Canada/Philippines)
We received the two trios that you've sent us. My brother said the birds look terrific and healthy; we are looking forward for their offspring. I would like to thank you for sharing with us those beautiful birds, not to mention your time and patience with me. My brother, while visiting from Manila, drove 500 kilometers (9hrs) each way to pick up those birds said - IT'S WELL WORTH THE DRIVE! - I'm looking forward to do more business with you in the very near future. Thank you very much.

Joe Golla
Jerry no words can better describe the stag we received this morning. Everyone liked this one, the height, the looks, the size and its health. (In a shipment from various breeders) Yours was the only one standing on its feet when we opened the shipping box. Most that we picked up were having trouble standing right away. We really like this one since he was the very best, we got! I appreciate it very much! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. We'll be doing business with you again and I will guarantee you that this will not be use on any illegal activity, just for breeding only! Again, thanks!

James and Edwin (Bensenville, Illinois)
Thank you Jerry for the quality broodfowls you've shared to us. Its awesome and the traits they display are really great especially my LACY ROUNDHEAD STAG its a complete package as my father said. By the way I would to take this opportunity to thank you as well for sending a new DOM stag to replace my Dom stag who got sick during travel and died the next day. you're really an honest and wonderful chicken man. I'm looking forward to visit your farm for more deals.

John Tronco
We have received the Kelso and Albany brood stags, they're really perfect for breeding. I am very happy for a honest and on time schedule delivery. I did not find any hard time dealing with you from the start up to the delivery of the gamebirds. I'll be contacting you in future for more. Once again thank you.

Jonathan Roberts
Jerry the pair of greys you sent me are awesome. Wow! Is all I could say when I saw them. Very healthy birds and their coloring is amazing. Your willingness to help someone new like me get started in showing gamefowl has been great and I WILL be doing more business with you soon.

Jason Casey
Jerry just wanted to thank you for the awesome looking trio. The brood stag has very good conformation and the hens are beautiful. Its very hard to find someone like Jerry you can bank on what he tells you. Looking forward to more business in October. Thanks!

Cadio Lipana
Word of mouth can build a reputation of a man, feedback reflects the integrity and honesty of a man.
That best describes Jerry Lawrence, he has the passion to make satisfaction guaranteed for his breeds, passion to meet your expectation for what you want and need. His fowls are worth your effort to have an unquestionable ability to compete in our beloved shows. Thank you Jerry.

Niel, Sanny & Paul (Hilander R&S Farm)
You proved it again your worth Jerry, the quality fowls you've sent us (Leiper, Lynwood, Lacy & Lemon) are excellent and beautiful. You are a man with honor and can truly be trusted. Wish you more health and more business with you in future years. God Bless and Good health

Sotero Franco
I am so very pleased with the chickens you sent to me. The Albany and Sweater Cock and the Hatch were absolutely beautiful! I am definitely going to continue to do business with you. The chickens arrived in great health and beautiful condition! I am so very, very pleased with the selection that you made. Talk with you again soon!!

Just want to let you know that we already got the DOM pair in PI and we are more than satisfied for what we received THANK YOU very much for sending us some of your class AAA birds. We are looking forward to do business with you again in the near future.

Niel & Sanny (Hilander R&S Farm)
I've never talked to Jerry, never knew this man. We are just bridged by our friend Paul Bulls (Pagadian, Phils) thru e-mail. The day I open the crates a colorful bird (DOM) jump-off with a golden brass on the leg and wing engraved "JBL" I was shock & awed because I never expected a bird with such beauty & built nothing beyond compare. I open the 2nd & 3rd room of the crate, again another awesome hens stuck my eyes, the Lynwood Kelso & Possum sweater. WOW!!! My wife even smiled because she never seen a hen of such beauty. Now I know who Jerry is, Dedicated with passion, optimistic and HONEST Man. You are just an endangered species Jerry (lol). How I wish all cockers has the traits like you. Your birds will speak for you. Much desired qualities, beauty and traits. You're a winner as your bird does. THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the bottom of our heart. GOD BLESS & GOOD HEALTH. Expect from us on the coming days.

Felix G. Servando
Thank you for giving us very good quality materials for our breeding. Your such an excellent breeder. Till the next deal with my friend Paul Bulls. Thanks again and GOD BLESS.

Lanny J Schwartz Jr.
For the last 7 seasons I have been showing and breeding Aseels, straight and grades and the only ones that have withstood the test of time are the grades I have received from you, which have proven to have desirable qualities. The straight cock that I received has proven to be an excellent producer and I am looking forward to showing this years grades. I have been showing gamefowl since I was old enough to walk and have experienced many Aseel/Asil types but yours have by far been the best I have ever placed my hands.

Thank you very much Jerry for the 3 pairs of broodfowl that you sent me. They are excellent and the prices were very reasonable. They are worth every cent I paid for them. You are a very honest person and easy to deal with. I can't wait to deal with you again. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my cocking friends. Thank you again and I wish you well.

Jose Gamino
Thank you Mr. Jerry, I have never seen such excellent breed of Kelso. You have truly amazed me not only because of the Kelso, but because of the promptness in sending the my new Kelso. My Kelso is the envy of all my friends in our ranch. This is the best gift my wife has given me. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Paul M. Bulls
( Dubai / Zamboanga Peninsula, Baganian Area, Pagadian City Philippines)
Modern technology created friendship, I knew Jerry Lawrence of JBL Farm way back in April 2008 when my elder brother in New York gave me or referred me the gamefarm Website of Jerry Lawrence since it happened that he spotted the beautiful gamebirds in the farm while he was on his way to visit his friend in Natalia, Texas. After several correspondences (e-mails/phone) I settled to have 3 Gamebird Bloodlines for DF 5000K Sweater Broodstag, LW Kelso Pullet and YL Hatch Broodstag which are beyond comparisons. I really like when I received these 3 bloodlines in my small farm in Zamboanga Peninsula, Baganian Area in the Philippines. The finest, quality and very beautiful gamebirds I ever have and see. Jerry Lawrence is a very nice man. I thank him for being honest and a true gentleman in breeding gamebirds. Indeed with good friendship with Jerry Lawrence. - Paul

Jonathan L. Enriquez (Butuan City,Philippines)
Jerry, I'm so grateful for the Lacy Roundhead you send to me, its an awesome
good looking bird and greater than that, its Beyond Satisfaction all around showmanship. All I could say of the traits they display is, WOW!!! Exactly the one I'm looking for. Thank you so much Jerry. I'm looking forward for more deals. - Jonloen

Jerry! thanks for your warm welcome. I really enjoyed my visit at your farm, you're a wonderful person and you have awesome fowls! I'll see you again with "Mr. Pogi" Kuya Vency, soon enough! thanks for letting me have the "real deal" chickens.

I don't usually want my feedbacks to be displayed but it would be a shame if I don't let this comment be read by others. Mr. Jerry Lawrence you are indeed a very honest and wonderful chicken man! One who knows his trade by heart. I should've talked to and known you five years ago yet.

Vency Maranan
When I grow up, I want to be like Mr. Jerry!!! Someday, I hope to see you in your chicken paradise to personally thank you for being so nice and honest.

Romy Delacruz (California)
Jerry, thank you so much for the trio. Me and my partner are very happy
for having these. You are a very honest person. What you say what you did.
Again, Jerry, thank you very very much for giving me a real quality trio.
Merry X"mas and a Happy New Year to You and Your Family. MORE POWER AND

Jairzinho Tapia Hernandez
Thank you gentleman Jerry Lawrence by his your attentions, in my
visit to his your farm last December 20 and 21, 2007 and to allow me to
select of his your lots of breeding animals(players) birds of the
lines roundhead, Sid Taylor, Asil Bobby Boles, and Dom, for farm Zulybella, of
Xalapa Veracruz Mexico, we are very satisfied by the acquired birds, I
congratulate it on his your birds, sincerely his your friend lic.

Tony Martinez (Corpus Christi)
Thanks Jerry for the Brownred pair,their great hope to see you again..
Jerry has the best gamefowl I've seen.. Once again Thanks Jerry

Rob/Leo Laguna (Toronto, Canada)
Jerry, just wanted to let you know we got your Dom trio, now in the
Philippines. My dad said they look awesome. Looking forward for their
offspring. Thank very much for your patience.

Henry Torres (Cleveland, TX)
Just want to thank Mr. Lawrence for the wonderful Hatch yard he let my boys
and I obtain. I'm looking forward to picking up the Dom trio also. And I
also have to say that Mr. Lawrence has some of the healthiest and good
looking fowl I've seen . See you soon.

Leroy (Kentucky)
I just wanted to thank you for that nice Kelso stag you sent me. You really do have some nice fowls. I also want to thank you for the nice Asil, I haven't got it yet but I know it will be a nice one too   thank you for the nice fowls.

Jerry (New York)
Just wanna say hello and hope everything is fine.thanks again for the broodfowl you gave me. The first generation looks very promising to me and they are beautiful birds, can't wait to show them next year. Regards,Jerry

Juan Santos (Tijuana)
Thank you very much Jerry for the fowl you send me, you are a very honest man and have some of the best fowl I seen in a while. I am looking forward in getting another trio very soon. Thanks for your time and patience with me. You have the best Kelsos I ever seen period. Juan Santo

Palm Grove (Dayton, TX)
I personally know that not only does Jerry own some of the finest bloodlines in the business,but also has as much knowledge as anyone in the business!He also has a willing heart has helped many people {beginners & oldtimers}! Having dispersed of my fowl farm,i still get many calls from old customers.I always have them contact Jerry,everyone has thanked me.On two separate occasions they were so pleased with the way Jerry treated them,they sent me an honorarium for the intro! So a special thanx to a credit to our gamefowl community.

Bryce Nichols
Jerry is a good man and will help beginners, thanks yfis.Bryce

Jerry Garcia (Philippines)
Once again thanks Jerry for the awesome Brood Kelso you gave me. They're beyond comparison!!!

Ken Love (Anderson, South Carolina)
Thanks for the excellent Yellow Birchens that you sent me. I am beginning my second breeding season with them and they have become my favorite family of fowl. Through you and the Birchens, I have met a small fraternity of Birchen breeders that have become very close knit, much like a family. We exchange information and seed stock regularly. Thanks again for preserving and propagating this fine, old family of fowl. You are a real attribute to the cocking world.

Israel (Austin,TX)
Just wanted thank you for all your help and especially for the outstanding fowl we have bought from you. It's been a pleasure doing bluishness with you and visiting your farm for the past three years. We are very pleased with the Asil crosses we last bought from you. Always appreciate your honesty and thoughts. We will see you again very soon to do some bluishness.

Javier Ornelas (Holtville, CA)
I would like to thank Jerry for some of the best brood fowl. These chickens are some of the best that I've come across. I have been doing very well with them! I recommend Jerry's fowl to anyone!

Danny Recuenco (Philippines)
Thanks Mr. Jerry for the awesome Doms, Atkinson Asils and Yellow Birchens they all look awesome and all are excellent in shows, It met my highest expectation and my folks there in the Philippines. Folks if your looking for high quality brood or showfowls Mr. Jerry has them and he will treat you right and a very honest person to deal with and definitely you will not be disappointed.

Jerry C. Garcia (New York)
I would like to thanks Mr.Jerry Lawrence for giving me one of his best Dom broodstags and now is in PI in the hands of my father. If you want good quality broodfowl,i would like to recommend him to everyone 100% you'll be satisfied and above all else he is an honest man and would like to do business with him again and again..Jer

Blake Mullins (Dorton,KY)
JBL Farms sent me a truly prime trio of fowl. You don't got to make the trip to pick them, Jerry can pick them as good as if you were there yourself. A very honest breeder and all around fine people anyone can trust. I'm looking forward to October to do some more business with these fine people. Blake Mullins

Art Gonzalez (San Antonio, TX)
I would like to thank Mr. Lawrence for inviting me out to his farm. and for the Birchen fowl. He is a fine man and I recommend him to anyone looking for fowl. (Oak Knoll) Art Gonzalez

Israel Medrano (Conroe, Tx)
Remember the Hatch/Kelso's we bought from you, Well they are looking great. We are going to show them next month at Bayou Club. We almost showed them last year but we are so glad we let them mature more because they are a lot more beautiful. Thanks again!

Arnel Tanglao (New York)
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, for taking care of my fowls I know it took me almost one year to get them.
I didn't get all your bloodlines yet but I will. You have the finest bloodlines in the business and I know I can trust you. You are a real attribute to the cocking world. It's been a pleasure doing bluishness with you.

Leo (Canada/Philippines)
Thank you for the Dom that I bought from you Dec. 2005, the best Dom I've ever have in my life and it's perfect for our shows. You are a very honest man. I'm planning to buy Kelso and more soon. God Bless.

Honofre Oliva "Ollie" (Guam/California) Feathered Fury Magazine
[JBL Farm Dom eggs from John Morse shipped from Missouri to Guam]
All the stags that I was able to raise into adulthood (7) all won in the hands of my brother-in-law. He was one of Guam's top cockers in his day. Unfortunately he passed away several months back. He was up there in age and he loved the Dom fowl for eons. When I hatched out the eggs you sent me, I already had in mind to have my brother-in-law show them for me when they were old enough to participate. The youngest one he was shown at only 9 months and won over a 2 time blue ribbon winner! All the other brothers won in very impressive shows.

Steve McNew (Dayton, TX)
Jerry, finally checked out your site, fantastic! But, it doesn't do justice to all your beautiful fowl, it would take a short film clip or a visit to your home to really showcase them. I know a few people know this, but, words can never say the gratitude I have for you fowl and advice. If someone investigated, they would notice the similar timeline in your move to TX. with Palm Groves improved successes. Many times at sunset, bayou or Oklahoma our shows were always in part to your advice or bloodlines blended with ours, many times actual birds from your farm. I have always said you always had choice pick of any fowl I owned, not really needing any help. If a man walks away after taking with you for 5 minutes or more, and hasn't learned anything, he is either deaf or so into himself hot fire couldn't teach him a lesson. In short I would like to say you epitomize the definitions of human being, cocker, family man and friend. You supply the finest bloodlines of fowl at a price any man could afford and are one of the finest I've met.Being 45yrs old and a third gen cocker I've met a lot. Oh yeah, still getting calls from my old customers thanking me for their success with your fowl, they also give me heck about the prices I charged compared to yours. your student: S.MCNEW

Lanny J. Schwartz Jr. (Bay St Louis, MI)
To whom this may concern,
Thank you Mr. Jerry for the six grand years of camaraderie and the many hours of discussion on the history and the future preservation of gamefowl as we know it today. To on-lookers and skeptics I can assure you honest and fair business dealing with Mr. Jerry Lawrence as that is the only business I have personally experienced. Over the last six years I have made several purchases and swaps with Mr. Jerry and when ever having friends needing showfowl or brood, I have always pointed them towards Mr. Jerry. My latest purchase being Doms and a dozen Whitehackle crosses, being extremely satisfied. May the LORD keep you and your family. Sincerely, Lanny J. Schwartz Jr.

Ed Magiba (Snohomish, WA)
Thanks Jerry for the hatch rooster and grey hens. They really made some fantastic shows especially in the hands of friends in the Philippines. I'm thinking of trying those Doms you have and we'll see. My best to you and Barbara!

I would like to say that the Grey trio I received from Mr. Jerry Lawrence are absolutely amazing.These birds are in prime condition, health, and spirit. I would also like to mention that I was not able to actually be there to physically pick the birds myself, however, Mr. Jerry Lawrence really went out of his way to find out EXACTLY what I was looking for, and like some of the other comments state, when you get your birds from JBL Farm it will be like you picked them as if you were there yourself. If you are looking for top quality birds and a honest gentleman with superior knowledge about Gamefowl to do business with, look no further. I cannot express enough my total satisfaction. Mr. Jerry Lawrence, you sir, are a true gentleman and a person that gives a good name to this business in every aspect. God bless. Best regards, Chris

Leroy Young (Kentucky)
I just want to thank you for that very nice Sid Taylor stag that I got from you I couldn't have picked him any better myself you area very nice and honest man and I love doing business with you this made the fourth rooster that I have gotten from you and I have never been disappointed we need more honest men like you in this business once again thank you. From Leroy young in Kentucky


Fernando (Encinitas, CA)
Jerry thank you for this asil that you've sent me its everything I could've asked for and more it full filled all my expectations. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm very lucky to have purchased this asil from you and I bet everyone that has purchased from you feel the same way. Jerry your very honest and fair this is my first time I purchase from you and I already feel like this is the place I will be purchasing fowl from now on. Thank you once again

Kenny Link (Sparta, TN.)
Hello, I have made many trips to Jerry's farm. Stayed a few nights there close by with them and ate many breakfasts with Stan Wardell @Jerry's when Stan was staying at Jerry and Barbara's house. I brought Jerry Some of BOB BENNETT's Greys and Blue face hatches and the Sid TAYLORS, He is one fine Game fowl man, AND THEY DON'T COME ANY MORE honest than Jerry. He gave me some of the best chickens that I ever had. Jerry and Barbara are great people to know and to have for friends. Thanks Jerry. P.S. THANKS FOR EVERY THING! From Sparta, TN.

Jordan Staudt (Lockhart, TX.)
Mr. Lawrence I am completely satisfied with the two pairs I purchased from you. Every time I hold one of your birds they are in perfect flesh and pristine condition, if they aren't up to your specs then they are not for sale. That's what I respect about you sir, your an honest fellow that prides himself on customer satisfaction. That's a very commendable trait that every chicken man should stand for. I look forward to doing business with you again soon. For me there are no reasons to buy fowl anywhere else when world class birds are being bred right here in Pleasenton, Texas @ JBL Gamefarm.

Cole Ross (Utopia, TX.)
Last year I went to Mr. Jerry Lawrence's farm. And he helped me pick out a pair of his FAMOUS DOM'S. And I have raised some of the BEST LOOKING stag's and pullet's that I have EVER raised. I think Mr. Lawrence has the BEST DOM'S that friendship and money can obtain anywhere. " THANK'S JERRY!!"

Philip M. Sacramento
Received excellent trio's of brood fowl from Mr. Jerry Lawrence. Interested in operating or purchasing additional brood fowl from him in the near future. Thank you for your honesty and integrity. God bless and have a wonderful day. Please post my feedback.

Omar Reyes
Hi Jerry, just wanted to let you know im verry happy with the dark dom i got from you thanks a lot hes a great brood cock will defenetly go again to pick another one out thanks to JBL Farm for letting me visit(2013).

Luis Jimenez (San Antonio,Texas)
Just wanted to say that I was very impressed with Mr. Lawrence on his professionalism and knowledge of his Beautiful Gamefowl, I am extremely pleased on the game hen that I got from him, it is exactly what I was looking for, I have been around gamefowl for over 50yrs and have never seen any better or beautiful gamefowl, his are 2nd to none if I may say. I would recommend JBL Gamefarm to everyone. I look forward in getting more gamefowl from JBL soon. Thanks, Luis J.

Eduardo Jimenez (Laredo,Texas)
On June 2012 I visited Mr. Lawrence. and I bought a few birds. I am very happy with what I bought. Mr. Lawrence not only has excellent breeding material, but he also has excellent crosses. I am planning my next trip to JBL gamefowl farm. Thanks and keepup the good job!!

Ricardo P. (Riverside, Ca.)
Just wanted to thank you for the penny hatch trio you send me... I'm pleased of the quality of your hatches... Looking foreword on getting a Albany trio at the end of the year... Thanks

Tony Sereno. (Bataan, Philippines.)
Sir, I'm grateful for the hospitality you showed my brother Joselito, when he visited your farm early Feb2014. My brother said you have the most beautiful and fine quality birds that he has ever seen., that you are a "Hands-on" breeder and that you truly knows your birds.
The birds you sent through Mr Henry Navarro arrived in Manila on schedule last Wednesday, 26Feb. When I got to my farm and opened the crate, out came some of the best birds I've seen. Well proportioned, balanced and truly magnificent. They arrived quite Healthy and lively as if they have only traveled a short distance. I can tell they were handled with extreme care all along the way from your farm in Texas.
Sir, after this experience, I will be more than happy to vouch for you, Mr. Navarro your shipper and broker, and especially your birds.
Thank you so very much sir.
Very Respectfully Yours,
Tony Sereno

Donny Menefee.
Jerry, you are awesome!!!!! When I opened the box, I almost had a tear in my eye. These are the prettiest, healthiest, birds I have ever laid eyes on. If I had birds that pretty, I would have a hard time letting them go. You made a perfect selection. My 8 and 10 year old boys were like kids on Christmas morning. Thank you so much for allowing me us to purchase from you. Your the greatest! Thank you so much again.

Zuniga Family (Hawaii.)
When you think of quality, healthy and honest fowl. One man comes to mind, Jerry Lawrence. The broodfowls consisting of Doms, Sweaters, Jap-Asil, and White Hawaiian Bullet we acquired a few years ago have grown to be more than outstanding fowl and good producers. They and their offsprings have improved our breeding programs. We will continue to breed and maintain these bloodlines for many decades to come. We just want to say a big "Mahalo" for the healthy and honest broodfowls you sent us these past years. Keep up the good work Sir.

Donny Menefee
Jerry, your birds are topps. I wanted to tell anyone who reads this ,if you want the most for your money, call Jerry! (I shop around, and you won't find a better bird for a better price ) trust me, or waste your money finding out. I'll buy from No one else. Buy a pair and you will understand. Thanks again Jerry, the Assil pair are already tame, and all my buddies are extremely impressed with th Dom pairs! .

Jose Gutierrez (Guadalajara & el Dorado.)
I visited Mr. Jerry on Saturday 7th of February 2015, bought some of the most amazing roosters, Mr. Jerry is a great & honest man, me & my father in law are very happy with our new roosters, Definitely I'm coming back to get some more, if you are near his farm or don't live that far I recommend you to visit him.

Rene Marin
Mr. Jerry, the Asil pair you select for us, was what we were expecting. Very healthy and beautiful birds. Thanks for being a very honest person, And also for taking the time to select this birds. Probably later on I will be doing business with you again. Thanks a lot.

Chad Broussard (Louisiana)
I would like to take time to tell of a true gamecock breeder meet Mr, Jerry Lawrence recently when I decided to start breeding game fowl again. As any decent breeder knows you must find well bred birds to start with. After some research and some word of mouth advice I visited Mr, Jerry's farm. I found his fowl to be very well bred the markings were spot on and as for Mr, Jerry's Knowledge of his fowl well I would consider him the be a very knowledgeable person ,and a fine man. Mr, Jerry I look forward to doing business with you in the future .Thanks for the nice Lacy Roundhead's, Butchers, etc. And a special thanks for my Roundhead hen she is very nice it was a great surprise . THANKS MR, JERRY.

Jose Gutierrez (Guadalajara & el Dorado.)
I visited Mr. Jerry on Saturday 7th of February 2015, bought some of the most amazing roosters, Mr. Jerry is a great & honest man, me & my father in law are very happy with our new roosters, Definitely I'm coming back to get some more, if you are near his farm or don't live that far I recommend you to visit him.

Juan C. Perez (Madison, Wisconsin)
last week i called jerry to ask him about his orientals.a told a friend of mine who lives in tx to go to buy the for me.he let me have some very good roosters,a japsil and a black jap.when my friend text me pictures of them i was just happy.googd birds dont come cheap,but jerry is a very honest person and he ask me a very good price.i know if i was buying somewhere else will be a lot more..a lot more.thank you a few weeks ill send my friend to pick up my asil stag.god bless you.juan carlos perez.madison,wisconsin

Sempi Fi (Vallejo, California)
Jerold , your the man you never say a word how great and awesome about all your bloodlines birds .you just let your birds speak for you .the birds you just send me are the best .so you know i be dealing with you every month for awhile I should have known you long time ago...Semper Fi

John Stewart
I just wanted to thank jerry for sending me a pair of the Ray Alexander Roundheads. They are more beautiful than we expected. You are a man of your words and I look forward to doing business with you again.

Rommel Gallego/Iron Beak Farm (Kaufman, TX)
Mr. J. Lawrence is a true gentleman. Thank you so much for a wonderful Blue Hennie Trio we got from you. We're very pleased and excited. Pls display this..

Fernando Olvera (Belton, TX)
Jerry, thanks for the Sid Taylor/Warhorse cross I got from you. He is excellent and very good looking as well. Looking forward to going back for another one of the many good looking birds you have.

Sedric Marshall (Victoria, TX.)
I would like to thank you, not just for the great fowl I've received, but for the time you have allowed me to spend with you.  The advice you have given me has been a great blessing, and for that I say thanks.  For those who don't know, you are the most honest breeder of show fowl.  Every time I  email or call, you always return both within a few hrs (I send late night emails).  I really don't think I could start my operation any better than with JBL gamefowl.  Until we talk again God Bless.

Teddy Bondaug
Thank you very much for the Lynnwood Kelso Jerry! I am please with your selection! It is a very beautiful bird, it's what i was looking for! I didn't hesitate to order the Lynnwood Kelso from you, because of that American Dom pair I bought from you a couple months ago! They are also very beautiful fowl! Very healthy fowl! I recommend anyone to buy from Jerry! Very honest man. Thank you very much Jerry! Aloha.

Tommy Alvarez (Wimauma, FL.)
Thank you Mr. Jerry Lawrence for the 20k Kelso and pullet. I have been to JBL Game Farm for the second time. My first visit I got 3 pairs of gamefowl that was in August 2015. I am very satisfied with all my fowl and with Mr. Jerry Lawrence, he was so kind and treated me with so much respect; also he told me everything there was to know about the fowl. I got. I'll say this, I've gotten other gamefowl from other's and there's no comparison to the fowl Mr Jerry Lawrence has on his farm. So again, Thank you Mr. Jerry Lawrence and you will see me again. Already planning my third visit.

Eric Peoples (Crosby, TX.)
Thanks Jerry for the dom and penny hatch I have bought real nice fowl and I'm coming back for more of your birds they are very nice and healthy and the visit to your yard is wonderful. You are very well appreciated and god bless you and your family.

Morie Cabildo
Went to jerry's place last April 7 & 9, 2018 to get some broodfowls...met jerry who was very accommodating as well as honest and very easy to get along with.he let me picked the fowls i wanted ....if you are searching for good and honest fowls, jbl farm is the place.....TEN STARS for jerry...can't wait to visit him next year...

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